“Couple’s innovative work hits mark…Vera’s Body [is] stimulating from start to finish.” - The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2000

(1999 - Joyce SoHo, NYC)
Choreography & Direction: Dawn Stoppiello in collaboration with the performers
Videography, Music & Direction: Mark Coniglio
Lighting Design: Susan Hamburger
Costume Design: Katrin Schnabl
Musician: Leigh Stuart, Cello

Performers: Mark Coniglio, Danielle Goldman, Sandra Tillett, Dawn Stoppiello, Michou Szabo, Pam Wagner, (Alternate) Lisa Herlinger-Thompson,

Commissioning Partners: Oberlin College, The Lied Education Center, Joyce SoHo.

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The narrative idea behind Vera’s Body is simple: it consists of a series of important moments from the long, full life of an imaginary character called Vera. During the course of the evening we present the most physical moments from Vera’s life, moments when her experience of the world was most present in the experience of her body. As one line from the work states: “The truth about the body is that the body is truth”, this is the point of view of Vera’s Body