FRAME 313 (1992)

Premiered: La Boca at The Sunshine Mission, Los Angeles, CA

Choreography: Dawn Stoppiello
Music: Mark Coniglio

The Confessioner/Conscious: Dawn Stoppiello
The Coroner/Mr. Manners: Ernie Lafky
George Jo Hennard: Nick Erickson
Jackie O./Mary Magdelane: Virginia Lantry
The Victims/Witnesses: Ken Talley, Scott Hendricks, Mary Hunter Ellegood, Diana Mehoudar
|Lighting Design: Betsy Herst
Set & Costumes: Dawn Stoppiello and Mark Coniglio


Frame 313 is a dance theater work based on the mass murder of 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria that occurred in Kileen, Texas in 1991. It is also a reflection on the tarnished image of the American Dream post the Kennedy assassination.


Watch Full Performance Video (42m)


“Frame 313 [is] a well-crafted multi-disciplinary work… Stoppiello…devised a slow-motion move­ment vocabulary for the victims…that seemed to multiply their numbers and certainly to multiply their agony.” – LA Times