Premiered: Williamsburg Art Nexus (WAX), NYC

Choreography & Direction: Dawn Stoppiello in collaboration with the performers

Videography, Music & Direction: Mark Coniglio

Lighting Design: Susan Hamburger

Costume Design: Akiko Sato

Performers: Danielle Goldman, Lisa Herlinger-Thompson, Michou Szabo, Sandra Tillett, and Lisa Townsend.

Commissioning Partners: Puffin Foundation, NYFA – NYARF

Photo Credit: Piro Patton


Suite Devo is an electrifying and whimsical jaunt through the classic techno-tunes of Devo. Composer Mark Coniglio has re-interpreted Devo hits to which dancers groove in front of a rapid-fire, ever-changing background of imagery as choreographer Dawn Stoppiello weaves gems of irony and humor in with passages of complex choreography.


Watch Full Performance Video (19m 34s)


Techno Dance • Sweet “Suite Devo” from Troika: “While Troika Ranch’s “Suite Devo” is certainly a deft example of interactive media dance, it is more than just a sample of this type of hybrid performance. It is a witty and sly series of dances set to a catalog of techno music by Devo. A vigorous and ambitious work, “Suite Devo “is full of athletic dancing: lunging, reaching, cartwheels, single-handed springs from the floor, and high-powered jumps and leaps. And throughout this cheeky work, there is something very reminiscent of (dare I say) early MTV. In fact, at times it seems a parody of ’80s rock music videos, with club dancing references strewn throughout and coy, teasing looks at the audience. But the smart choreography of Dawn Stoppiello saves it from getting too campy.” – Vanessa Manko, The Dance Insider (Read Full Review)