Premiered: The Internet
Choreography: Dawn Stoppiello
Webography: Mark Coniglio


Yearbody was a yearlong dance piece designed to be experienced via the web. Each day on the Yearbody page, from November 1st, 1996 through October 31st, 1997, we presented an image of one of the 365 shapes comprising the entire dance. We then compiled the completed set of images in an animation, which you will see here. Determining how to structure a yearlong work, and choosing how the images would be presented over time was an interesting part of our process. During the first three months of the piece, we chose to present a new image each day. During the fourth month we began to use thematic material from this exposition, creating a kind of variation/recapitulation. This section continued through the sixth month. For months seven through nine we compiled all new images. Then, in month ten we began to bring back material from the previous three months. Month eleven was an exact repeat of month one, a kind of recapitulation if you will. The final month is a compilation of our favorite bits from the all of the previous material.